Jump into storyboarding 

This Early Stage 1 /Stage 1 English IWB resource created by the School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit and the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme supports writing, digital storytelling, and understandings about the nature of narrative. The resource uses the cartoon images of cartoonist Nik Scott which can be used in settings without IWBs.

The  resource is provided here in individual Smart 10 notebooks for schools which require small file sizes for easy access. Alternatively, you may wish to contact elizabeth.chase@det.nsw.edu.au and send a USB which will be returned to you with the resource saved on it, in useful sub-folders.

To download Jump into storyboarding as one large notebook, plus images powerpoints, and to access the accompanying AGQTP online tutorials for IWBs and digital stories, visit https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/ict within the DET portal and search within Primary, Early Stage 1.

Save your Jump into storyboarding notebooks as MASTER COPIES.

Each time you have a class, use a brand new "save as" version. For example, call it Tree story icons for 3A.  This is because the resource is interactive and will change after use! Or, alternatively, you may choose not to accept changes when you save your file, on each occasion that you use it.

Suggested sequence with Tree story [This will work well for Pirate story and Flower story too]

  1. Tree story for writing - this cartoon story without text allows you to jointly create a written text with the class.
  2. Tree story grid and Tree story sequencing - these sequencing activities allow students to click and drag  the pages into order. [See demonstration video]
  3. Tree story icons - this click and drag activity allows a joint discussion about elements of narrative. [See demonstration video]
Optional: Storyboarding practice
  1. Cat story - Model the fact that each narrative storyboard needs an orientation, complication, event and resolution as a bare minimum, by dragging images from the gallery into a text without images [the completed version is supplied].
  2. Pig's present and Bear's birthday party: Students drag images from the gallery to complete these storyboards. 

Preparation before using the resource:

  • Read the lesson notes.
  • Print the character posters and story icons posters. Kite story and Birthday images are extras.
  • Print the cartoon story booklets for students to use in writing their stories. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom to watch the demonstration videos (wmvs) from Sherwood Grange Public School.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to see the digital storytelling examples (wmvs) from Minchinbury Public School. 
  • Save the individual images from each images powerpoint, into a separate folder with the same name as the powerpoint. Place these folders within your images gallery, for use with Jump into storyboardingStudents will drag these images onto the IWB in storyboarding practice lessons. These images are also for your own use in later writing and reading sessions. N.B. These images do not need to be used with an IWB - they can be used in any context.

Lessons.doc Lessons.doc
Size : 5.299 Kb
Type : doc
Character Charts.docx Character Charts.docx
Size : 1.394 Kb
Type : docx
Characters Images.pptx Characters Images.pptx
Size : 0.906 Kb
Type : pptx
Story icon posters.docx Story icon posters.docx
Size : 0.378 Kb
Type : docx
Story Icon images.pptx Story Icon images.pptx
Size : 0.483 Kb
Type : pptx
Props Images.pptx Props Images.pptx
Size : 1.208 Kb
Type : pptx
Birthday  Images.pptx Birthday Images.pptx
Size : 4.79 Kb
Type : pptx
Kite Story Images.pptx Kite Story Images.pptx
Size : 0.334 Kb
Type : pptx
Tree story booklet.pdf Tree story booklet.pdf
Size : 0.572 Kb
Type : pdf
Treewriting.notebook Treewriting.notebook
Size : 0.643 Kb
Type : notebook
Treegrid.notebook Treegrid.notebook
Size : 3.242 Kb
Type : notebook
Treeicons.notebook Treeicons.notebook
Size : 0.806 Kb
Type : notebook
Treesequencing.notebook Treesequencing.notebook
Size : 3.371 Kb
Type : notebook
Tree Story Images.pptx Tree Story Images.pptx
Size : 0.576 Kb
Type : pptx
Flower story booklet.pdf Flower story booklet.pdf
Size : 0.534 Kb
Type : pdf
Flowergrid.notebook Flowergrid.notebook
Size : 0.257 Kb
Type : notebook
Flower Story Images.pptx Flower Story Images.pptx
Size : 0.773 Kb
Type : pptx
Flowersequencing.notebook Flowersequencing.notebook
Size : 0.387 Kb
Type : notebook
Flowerwriting.notebook Flowerwriting.notebook
Size : 0.67 Kb
Type : notebook
Flowericons.notebook Flowericons.notebook
Size : 0.809 Kb
Type : notebook
Piratewriting.notebook Piratewriting.notebook
Size : 1.137 Kb
Type : notebook
Piratesequencing.notebook Piratesequencing.notebook
Size : 1.274 Kb
Type : notebook
Pirategrid.notebook Pirategrid.notebook
Size : 2.52 Kb
Type : notebook
Pirateicons.notebook Pirateicons.notebook
Size : 1.116 Kb
Type : notebook
Pirate story booklet.pdf Pirate story booklet.pdf
Size : 1.017 Kb
Type : pdf
Pirate Story Images.pptx Pirate Story Images.pptx
Size : 1.28 Kb
Type : pptx
Pig'scomplete.notebook Pig'scomplete.notebook
Size : 0.773 Kb
Type : notebook
Pigs present booklet.pdf Pigs present booklet.pdf
Size : 0.693 Kb
Type : pdf
Pig'sblank.notebook Pig'sblank.notebook
Size : 0.128 Kb
Type : notebook
Pigs Present Images.pptx Pigs Present Images.pptx
Size : 0.836 Kb
Type : pptx
Bear'scomplete.notebook Bear'scomplete.notebook
Size : 1.526 Kb
Type : notebook
Bearsblank.notebook Bearsblank.notebook
Size : 0.373 Kb
Type : notebook
Bears Party booklet.pdf Bears Party booklet.pdf
Size : 0.2 Kb
Type : pdf
Bear’s Party Images.pptx Bear’s Party Images.pptx
Size : 3.305 Kb
Type : pptx
Cat story booklet.pdf Cat story booklet.pdf
Size : 0.263 Kb
Type : pdf
Catcomplete.notebook Catcomplete.notebook
Size : 0.226 Kb
Type : notebook
Catblank.notebook Catblank.notebook
Size : 0.008 Kb
Type : notebook
Cat Story Images.pptx Cat Story Images.pptx
Size : 0.554 Kb
Type : pptx
two friends.wmv two friends.wmv
Size : 0.718 Kb
Type : wmv
Jeydas Jumpys_1.wmv Jeydas Jumpys_1.wmv
Size : 0.708 Kb
Type : wmv
Hollys butterfly.wmv Hollys butterfly.wmv
Size : 0.744 Kb
Type : wmv
freeform sequencing.wmv freeform sequencing.wmv
Size : 6.498 Kb
Type : wmv
Icons demo.wmv Icons demo.wmv
Size : 19.87 Kb
Type : wmv
Frame sequencing.wmv Frame sequencing.wmv
Size : 6.027 Kb
Type : wmv