Connected learning - resources

  • IWBs in the library by Colleen Blancato, Fran Mead and Shelley Napper - explains how easy it is to find resources, & to work with the toolkit in Smart to make resources - Remember to save a master copy of your notebooks + "save as" versions with class names, eg RainforestsYear2Red, so you can save the changes you made/writing activities you did with that class.
  • IWB download and links - shows how to download Smart Notebook software for free for teachers at home and on EVERY school computer, so students can create interactive resources to explore/revise key concepts + has helpful Smartboard resources links, so people don't have to reinvent the wheel [Colleen, Fran, Shelley] 
Getting started with wikis on wikispaces - powerpoint by Kim Murr

Library pages by Daria Ivanek 


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